V2H Australia
Chris Ahern
Identity & Brand
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Introducing the new identity and brand package for energy & resources company – V2H Australia. A world leader in innovative vertical-to-horizontal jetting technologies.




Many people consider the resources sector within Australia to be in decline. Speak to anyone at a BBQ over a snag and a beer about the resource industry and you’ll hear statements like “It’s dead” or “Bad industry to get into” among some longer ‘expert’ commentary.

However, a shift in national focus towards innovation and technology might not be a bad thing for the mining and resources industry, and in this case – it’s on track to help it. Building a forward thinking business and brand around technology that has the capacity to disrupt this particular sector is something that any creative services company would want to be involved in… certainly us here at Villain Designs.

Enter Nick Cox, a energy resources executive of some note who approached RGC/Villain Designs in December 2015 to create a brand that would take their innovative technology and business idea to the next level.

The brief was simple… they have a new technique for horizontal drilling that is technologically superior (faster, more efficient, lower cost and more environmentally sensitive) by using high pressure water jetting rather than traditional drilling and hydraulic fracturing. This method has the ability to significantly enhance commercial and environmental outcomes.

The identity and overall brand direction was designed to exude confidence, clarity and a sense of being a dynamic, world-class service provider for global energy & resource companies. Above all, it needed to embody a clean and efficient technological entity.

V2H Australia is a world leader in innovative vertical-to-horizontal jetting technologies providing lower well capex and opex costs and higher productivity and recoverability to the resource industry.

Having taken us through the scientific process of their technology and the differentiators with existing methods, we set about producing concepts that represented the technology and process and communicated their values and market differentiators.

Through many concept ideas that focused on symbol, type, process figuratively and literally, we finally settled on a concept that represented:

  1. the geological top-view pattern of horizontally drilling outwards, radially from a central well into different areas of rock, and
  2. the high pressure ‘spray’ of water called jetting (simplified as water droplets/dots).

It is the proven deployment patterns; multiple long laterals with high drilling penetration rates, low capital cost and controlled direction of deployment together with industry leading water jetting technology that marks the main differentiator between V2H Australia’s approach and the methods in current use.


The logo mark, as mentioned is designed to closely align with the typical plan view (top down) of laterals drilled. The mark is closely accompanied by the logotype in a modern sans serif typeface kept relatively light as to not over-power the mark, but to complement it. The two-tone blue treatment throughout portrays the water, clean, environmental and conservative elements chosen to direct the brand and as a complete package, presents as a smart identity system fitting of their innovative approach.

Villain Designs produced a full corporate identity suite complete with brand guidelines, website, stationery and LinkedIn Company Page. V2H Australia have engaged Villain for ongoing communication design, brand management and marketing and will also work with RG Communications on a media and stakeholder communications campaign as they take their product to market.





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