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Chris Ahern
Design & Print

In 2015, RGC earned a spot on the communications board of Tourism and Events Queensland.

We were pleased to then be awarded the responsibility of organising a destination media familiarisation to entice journalists and other content producers to Hervey Bay for events and activities during whale-watching season. Its purpose was to create an experience that generated positive media content that could be shared to consumers, underpinning its iconic #whalesherveybay campaign that is growing year on year. Hervey Bay has a unique reputation as the capital of whale-watching in Australia.

Part of the all-encompassing campaign was to create an invitation that engaged and excited experienced travel industry writers about an experience that had been offered many times before. We needed an invitation to stand out from the plethora of promotional invitations and gifts writers receive on a daily basis and create significant interest. A personalised print invitation was desired to cut through all other communication and portray the range of destination experiences in a visual and meaningful format that would leave a lasting impression.

We chose letterpress as the perfect print method to give a sophisticated and tactile feel of prestige coupled with stunning imagery of potential activities on colourful swatches rotatable by pin. We wanted to make the recipient feel special by having a beautiful envelope with a blind press on front and a curious whale’s tail seal and snappy teaser on the rear. Inside would be a simple and clean letterpress invitation on specialty Gmund paper and swatches of amazing imagery that immediately transported the recipient to the destination.

During the concept development phase, the initial idea was to have a wax seal made up and hand-pressed into each invitation. However, the budget and timeline were halved due to unforeseen circumstances on the client end and an alternative solution was required. In consultation with production manager Neisha Phillips, the solution was to simply letterpress the seal over the point of overlap on the back of the envelopes. With a lot of care, this solution was an excellent fix and one that still suited the overall look and feel.


Neisha from Creative Emporium went on to produce excellent quality letterpress envelopes and invitation cards that certainly met the desired feel. The invitations and image swatches were hand-bound in house at Villain Designs and all envelopes addressed in hand writing for an authentic finish.

Our recipients were impressed with the invitation format providing very positive feedback. We achieved over 90% acceptances from those invitations sent and have been able to positively position the Fraser Coast region as a desired destination for them to experience.




This beautiful invitation arrived in my mailbox today. Looks like we’re taking off to Hervey Bay for the start of whale watching season and some fun in the great outdoors ✈️ 🌴🐳⛵️📷 #whalesherveybay #travel #wanderlust

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