CPD For Teachers
Kristine Birch & Chris Ahern
Identity & brand refresh

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) for Teachers is a small organisation specialising in providing Pedagogical Frameworks that help create/support curriculum development for teachers within the school environment. Being a very small business of one or two people, the need to get as much ‘bang-for-buck’ was communicated to Villain Designs which we accepted as an important part of our service offer – being able to provide a client with quality design within a tight budget.

Whilst a commendable job was done in creating a look internally by the founder, she recognised that to grow the business and take it to the next level, she needed to approach a professional design firm to help create a brand that would help her engage with school principals and create a level of trust when promoting her services.

It was important that we took the key look & feel elements that she wanted to implement from the start, define a clear direction, strip out the superfluous and reposition her brand as a growing professional development business capable of expanding and signing key business.

The colour palette chosen built upon the bright, warm feel providing complementary colours to a consideration mix. This added flexibility for use in marketing to a large database of contacts. The identity design shifted the existing ‘development circle’ (used in explaining the CPD4T key process) from informational chart to credible logo symbol referencing the process but not cluttering with detail. The logotype, condensed a long business name into an already recognisable acronym for simplicity and usability.

The website (built on the WordPress system) needed a refresh. Using her existing framework, we cleaned up some areas that required streamlining, added improved graphics and navigational structure to progress in line with new brand direction, produced high quality photography to present a new professional look for CV purposes and updated EDM templates and stationery.

CPD for Teachers can now confidently seek new business knowing that not only do they offer a premium, specialised service… they look like they do.